Who we are - The Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc. (PEI) is an organization  of volunteers who actively support the porcelain enamel industry in North America. This includes the actual enamelers as well as many companies who provide raw materials, equipment and technology.  The institute accomplishes  this support through our staff, office and a variety of operating committees “ our committee participants are drawn from volunteers within our member companies. This collective effort from many individuals across the industry (enamelers and suppliers) enables
PEI to successfully advance the common interests of our members and industry.

Our Commitment to our members - PEI's commitment to our members means giving great benefits and value in the simplest way possible. We've changed our structure to be more in line with the needs of our members and allow for varying levels of participation that suit your needs and budgets. We firmly believe that offering various levels of participation can help customize the way that PEI and your company  can work together to enhance your business results.

How we can Help - The more any organization participates in meetings, programs and activities of the association, the more benefits are realized. Overall PEI is strong because of the support and participation of its member companies. we are here to serve our members and strive to respond to any specific needs or requests as a strong, visible force training the enamelers, sustaining the technology and promoting the advantages of porcelain enamel. We generally focus in the following three areas: Technical  | Marketing |  Government/Industry Liaison


PEI has become the preeminent source for technical information on porcelain enamel materials, processing and products. we offer: textbooks, technical manuals, processing guides and data sheets which are periodically updated to keep them relevant to the "state-of-the-art in the industry.

We conduct an annual Technical Forum (papers are presented on topics of current interest) and multiple Back-to-Basics training workshops aimed at line workers, supervisors, engineers and managers. We host a Suppliers' Mart during the Tech Forum where enamelers can meet suppliers and see what is new to help them enamel more efficiently. We offer many networking opportunities for forum participants to meet suppliers, customers and industry peers in an atmosphere that supports a mutual exchange of information.

On an as-needed basis, PEI conducts supplier/customer forums on specific topics of interest to groups within the industry (topics have included water vapor defect elimination, new enameling steels, environmental regulations, electrostatic powder enameling, enamel reclaim techniques and new P/E technology for concrete reinforcing steel).

PEI's website sees over 650,000 hits annually with almost 550,000 files of information viewed. This website activity continues to grow each year.


PEI remains the only association totally focused on the porcelain enamel industry. we work together as an industry to face the challenges of the changing global economy with an emphasis in two primary areas; expand the use of P/e in current markets and increase awareness/exposure of P/e in new markets.

We are active in a number of industry related trade shows which have included NAI Coatings Show, FABTECH, KBIS, HPBA Expo, Sears DealerFest, CSI Show, Associated Buyers and ACerS. We are also active in the industry trade press with both articles and advertisements. PEI provides information and support to consumers via our website which is focused on P/E products and not P/E manufacturing. We have produced "point-of-purchase advertising and consumer information for the major appliance retailers. And we encourage  our members  to use the PEI logo and attribute icons in their advertising, literature and packaging.

PEI hosts an annual Manufacturing Symposium which concentrates on current issues of relevance to our members. During our last four Manufacturing Symposia  (2010 - 2013) we have had presentations on the impact of a number of issues relating to manufacturing in the US and North America:

>   Energy utilization and the outlook for natural gas and electricity prices

>   Sustainability as a driver for product, process and business innovation.

>   FED monetary policy impacts on business

>   Impact of the Yuan on US manufacturing

>   Partnership opportunities with PEI for Advanced Engineering Education

>   Use of social media in B2B selling

>   Novel coatings for harsh environments

>   Selling in the 21st century

>   Industry cooperation for new technology development

>   A ˜2020' view of investing in US manufacturing

>   New environmental regulations

Government/Industry Liaison

PEI actively monitors a variety of legislative and regulatory issues of concern to our industry and serves as the industry voice when needed.

We deal with a number of US government agencies: EPA, OSHA,  FDA, CPSC  and GSA.  Most recently we worked to keep the wastewater limits at their current levels. We are also working with other associations to keep EPA from changing the chemical inventory classifications for porcelain enamel and glass products. PEI works with other associations on projects or topics of mutual interest, including NSA, CSA,  ANSI and AWWA. In the area of standards we work closely with ASTM  as well as ISO, CEN,  DIN, etc. to be sure that our members manufacture products that comply with industry norms and "best practices both in North America and abroad.

The PEI office and staff serve as a clearinghouse for porcelain enamel technology, information and sources.